Computer Vision Engineer
Employment Type: Full-time

We, as a growing and highly innovative company with sharp personalities, need talented, enthusiastic, curious and committed people who will be ready to bring energy into the system for a significant contribution to the success of the team project. Are you passionate about building innovative software and enough brave to work in a startup? We might be looking for you!


What we offer

  • Full-time position in a fast-growing startup using AI
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Energetic team passionate challenging the status quo and bringing disruptive solutions to life.
  • Working with the hottest technologies in Emotion AI



  • Advancing company emotion tracking classifiers by utilising latest advancements in deep learning
  • Optimising machine learning models
  • Research and develop neural network models suitable for running in embedded environments
  • Driving research and development of latest technologies and tools in deep learning and computer vision in collaboration with our academic partners
  • Providing technology and research support in design of new products and business use cases
  • Rapidly learning new concepts in technology and related areas of our business
  • Leading external technology partners



  • Ph.D. or M.Sc. in Computer Science
  • Strong development skills in Python and C/C++
  • Solid background in Computer Vision: minimum 5 years of experience developing deep learning computer vision algorithms
  • Strong research and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills
  • Experience working with machine learning in embedded applications is a plus: model quantization, fixed point neural networks (CNN and RNN)
  • Capacity to understand complex algorithms


Technical Requirements

  • Proven expertise with deep learning models and programming languages such as C++, Python
  • Fluent in Linux/Unix environment, solid expertise in working with AWS or GCP cloud provider, knowledge of Docker is a plus.
  • Experience with facial analysis, FaceID, expression or emotion classification
  • Hands-on experience with modern deep learning frameworks, such as TensorFlow/Keras, PyTorch, Jax or MxNet.
  • Experience with broad range of Machine Learning and Data Science projects is a plus
  • Experience in build and leading a team of machine learning experts


Skills and Abilities

  • Self-motivated and self-driven
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills required
  • Results-oriented and innovative
  • Ability to multitask and work independently without much supervision



Milan’s Office, availability to work remotely if necessary.

Computer Vision Engineer

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