Christmas Ads 2022

Find out which commercial, selected from the top 4 companies in the world, has generated the most attention and excited audiences the most this Christmas 2022.
Amazon, Apple, Coca Cola, or McDonalds?
We took the top four commercials produced globally for Christmas 2022 to determine which one was the most relevant to the audience. Amazon shows us how a simple paper shredder can bring holiday joy to a child when used cleverly. Apple takes us inside the mind of a bored couple who use the power of sharing music to make magic. Coca Cola reminds us that we keep the spirit of past loved ones alive during the holidays one dish at a time. McDonalds features a little boy who spends days creating a long Christmas list, only to realize he has exactly what he needs.
Joy is Made
The advertising agency, Lucky Generals, and renowned producer, Taika Waititi show how ordinary things can lead to extraordinary experiences. A father recreates the inside of a snow globe using a paper shredder and some ingenuity for his daughter who seems obsessed with the snow.
Share the Joy
The commercial is by the agency Media Arts Lab and produced MJZ/Labhouse. Set in Buenos Aires, the commercial centers on the adventures of a couple who through the sharing of AirPods dance through the city streets transforming everything they touch into snow.
Coca Cola
The Holidays Always Find a Way
Wieden+Kennedy focus on carrying culinary traditions. The protagonist struggles through a family recipe, with high hopes he can please his mother who seems to be watching his every move. Through much mess and even a few burns, he finally finishes, just as family start to arrive, and he senses he’s gained his late mother’s approval.
The List
Created by the agency Leo Burnett and directed by James Hooper, the young protagonist spends a lot of time creating a long Christmas list, only for it to fly away while on a stroll with his family. While at first devastated, he learned the true meaning of Christmas is spending time with family.
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Attention and engagement
EmPower allows you to quickly and easily measure attentional and emotional responses on a sample of real people. Attention and engagement are crucial KPIs for determining the relevance of a piece of content.
Through the EmPower platform, the attentional and emotional responses of the audience to the three commercials were measured. The total duration of the analysis was two days for a total of 1000 people worldwide.
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