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Emotiva is sharpened on real-time measurement and recognition of attentional and affective states of human beings. It uses computer vision algorithms to encode micro-facial expressions through a standard webcam. It obtains insights into human behaviors for applications in Market Research, Robotics, HR-tech, Fintech, and Health-tech.

Emotiva is in the business of Emotion AI. It is sharpened on real-time measurement and recognition of attentional and affective states of human beings. It develops computer vision algorithms to classify AUs (Action Units), i.e., muscle movements activated on the face, through a standard webcam. Then, AUs are correlated to codify them into expressions of emotion. The main application area is market research with the SaaS EmPower platform. In robotics, on the other hand, Emotiva collaborates with the Enrico Piaggio Research Center on the Abel humanoid project. Other potential areas of activity are HR-tech, fintech, and health-tech.

Emotiva is in the business of Emotion AI, a specific branch of artificial intelligence that studies and develops applications or devices that can recognize, interpret, process, and simulate the human affective state.
It’s sharpened on real-time measurement and recognition of attentional and affective states of human beings. It uses proprietary computer vision algorithms to classify individual facial muscle activations (Action Units) through a standard webcam and then codify them into expressions of emotion. Emotiva actively collaborates with the academic world, specifically the PHuSE Lab, Department of Computer Science, University of Milan, for R&D activities. It also collaborates with Centro Enrico Piaggio, University of Pisa, in the field of robotics on the Abel humanoid project, as it has the potential to have a positive impact on one of the most significant health challenges of the 21st century: dementia.
Today, the main application area is market research, with the EmPower SaaS platform to measure consumers’ emotional response and attention levels in a simple, fast and scalable way. The other potential areas of activity are Fintech to improve investment decisions, HR tech to optimize organizations in companies, and health quality monitoring in health tech.

An emotion, the wrath of Achilles, is the protagonist of the Iliad. Around it revolves the destiny of war and the success of what was to become a founding work, affecting all subsequent literary production around the world.


The analysis of human emotions is at the heart of a new gold rush. The possibility of understanding them immediately, defining them, and rendering them, in the form of data, available for practical use is the paradigm that currently drives the research of Emotion AI, or affective computing, a specific branch of artificial intelligence that deals with the analysis of human affective states.


Emotions are at the center of our lives, every day we make about 35,000 decisions and most of which are managed automatically to avoid the considerable energy expenditure that would result from putting them through the more rational and complex brain systems circuits.


The task of managing emotions takes place in the deepest part of our brain, the R-Complex, the reptilian brain. No conscious experience can exist without an emotional component. Our emotional sphere has been forged by a long evolutionary process, and the stratification of the brain circuits responsible for processing emotional information is proof of this.


Emotiva, a startup involved in the acceleration program LVenture LUISS EnLabs, has implemented and perfected a new algorithmic model able to extract the AU (Action Unit) with a high degree of precision. This model allows the analysis of emotions composed “in the wild” that cannot be determined with other algorithms.


Emotions manifest themselves on the face through an expression that can be measured with a normal webcam by analyzing the micro-movements of the facial muscles. Joy, sadness, surprise, anger, disgust, and fear are the six expressions of primary emotions, which are spontaneous and universal. They have been codified by the American psychologist Paul Ekman, who, over the years, has refined his model, which Emotiva uses as the theoretical basis of its technology.

The business application developed by Emotiva is the EmPower SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform for measuring consumers’ emotional reactions and attention levels as they watch a piece of content. In a simple, fast, and scalable way. EmPower is helpful for companies to achieve excellent communication performance, avoid wasted budgets on poorly emotionally connected target segments, and build emotional connections effectively with their consumers through data.

One of the most interesting fields of use for this technology is in Martech (Marketing Technology), a $121 billion market with a growth of 22% year on year.


The three founders, Lorenzo Corbo, Andrea Lori, and Andrea Sempi, have translated the paradigm that emotions drive more than 90% of people’s behaviour in marketing and communication, by creating a business capable of providing valuable tools to companies. Understanding emotions in advance, even before being on the market, means not only being able to understand future purchasing behavior in advance but also having the opportunity to ‘correct’ the focus of your communication with concrete benefits for brands, creative agencies, and digital agencies.


The analytics extracted from Emotiva provide the metrics to make concrete decisions regarding marketing investments and allow extremely effective comparison activities. Emotiva, through its Artificial Intelligence technology, is changing the rules of how to measure the impact of a piece of content on the audience. Thanks to this technology, it will continue to improve people’s understanding, using their own emotions as a starting point.

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