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Audience Attention Measurement
Gain real attention insights from your audience
If you wonder how you can be more confident about the decisions to make, the investments to make to have a sure return and how to create more effective strategies during live events... We have a solution: by measuring attention you will be able to make better and safer decisions based on real data from your audience.
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How we measure attention
Human attention can be analyzed during live events efficiently using a simple camera, through the attention measurement process. This involves capturing and analyzing audience behavior and engagement in real time, providing valuable insights into what gets their attention and what doesn't. This data can be used to create more effective content that resonates with your audience and keeps them engaged from start to finish. By measuring attention span, event planners and marketers can make timely based decisions to improve the overall event experience and achieve better results.
Attention Average
Attention average is a valuable metric for evaluating the impact and effectiveness of a campaign, content in a live event that empowers brands to make data-driven decisions to optimize return on investment.
Attentive Sec. / Impressions
While impressions give an indication of reach, attentive seconds provide a qualitative insight by measuring attention span over a specific period of time.
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So What?

Through attention measurement you can carefully measure the level of attention to obtain important information to increase return on investment (ROI) and identify process performance and opportunities.
Emotiva's technology can be used to test different digital environments and/or the real context. In a digital environment our intuitions are enhanced through a combination of attention + emotion analysis. Attention and emotion are closely linked, which allows brands to gain insights they can use from the bottom up of the funnel to gain a competitive edge.
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The Benefits

Event Organizer

There may be several benefits, including.:

  • Sales optimization by moments: Higher price in selling more performing advertising spaces
  • Media planning: Contextual analysis and recommendation
  • Goal setting and performance: Find the most profitable and attentive moments of the live event
  • Higher engagement: Maximize the benefits for all the stakeholders


Test CX Strategy and predict what really matters the most to the right audience before investing

  • Contextually Analyze attention level and attention span in a real context or digital environment
  • Capture the right audience by understanding customer behavior through emotional response
  • Get the right engagement insights
  • Test event materials, online and web content, experiential moments, and more
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