There is no conscious experience without emotions

Why are micro-expressions so important?
The expression of primary emotions is universal. Regardless of gender, ethnicity and age.
The expression of emotions happens below the threshold of awareness.
The Action Units allows the measurement of the expression of emotions.
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Facial nerve
The primary function of the facial nerve is the motor control of all muscles that generate facial expressions. The emotional reaction is 20 - 40 ms, which is a time below the threshold of awareness.
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Facial muscles
There are 43 facial muscles just under the skin that control facial expressions. When they contract, the skin moves to form the facial micro-expressions that encode the six primary emotions.
Facial Action Coding System
Paul Ekman's studies made it possible to encode the six primary emotions demonstrating that they are universal, spontaneous and measurable. The Facial Action Coding System is the system that allows the interpretation of the expression that appears on the face. In addition to micro-expressions which are imperceptible expressions, there are "mini" expressions that often arise in only one region of the face. These small movements can also occur when an emotion has just started, usually before the person is aware of their emotional state.
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Emotional dyads
Robert Plutchik's studies define the more complex emotions that are formed by combinations of primary emotions, he identifies twenty-four emotions as dyads. Two emotions: expectation and trust can not be included in the F.A.C.S. system, for this reason, the algorithm can analyze a total of up to 15 dyads. The analysis of the emotions that emerged is useful for understanding what people feel.
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