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The leading AI platform for attention and emotion analysis
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Maximize content effectiveness through our Emotion AI powered Platform

EmPower® is the leading platform for customers' attention and emotion measurement. Analyze quickly and easily responses from real people. Attention and engagement are crucial KPIs to determine content performance and fit with customer preferences.


Sell Out Performance

By measuring consumers’ attentional and emotional responses, it was possible to quickly identify the packaging that worked out best and those that failed to generate good performance.

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Client Growth Rate

After a data-based decision, NeN was able to balance creatives’ feelings and marketing investments and the result was doubled brand awareness and +50% client growth.

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CTR Performance

Choosing the best-performing banner from an emotional and attentional point of view ensured a higher level of conversion. Viewers’ attention is one of the determining factors for effectiveness.

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Areas of application

Pre and Post Launch Performance

Make data-driven decisions based on competitors, industry benchmarks, and historical performance pre- and post-launch.

A/B Test

Analyze creative effectiveness, predict efficiency, assess campaign impact, and identify triggers for audience engagement.

Media Mix Optimization

Assess creative performance across different platforms and social media environments.

Audience Targeting

Identify receptive audience segments for creative optimization and enhanced media effectiveness.

What can be analysed?


  • Commercial
  • Social media video
  • Reel
  • Company video
  • Product video
  • Educational video


  • Packaging
  • Landing Pages
  • Social media post
  • Out of home
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Product Concept


  • Radio commercials
  • Podcasts
  • Music

In-Context Analysis

EmPower has its own technology to accurately measure content on popular social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. It allows us to provide you with helpful channel data efficiency.
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  • First time view
  • Retention
  • Dwell time
  • Multi-view
  • Interactions


  • Attention span
  • Attention level


  • Arousal
  • Emotional response
  • Valence

Attention + Emotions
drive your business

EmPower uses effective measurement, leveraging emotion recognition technology and advanced attention analysis to obtain meaningful audience insights. The EmPower Dashboard provides clear and actionable data to help develop high-impact communication strategies and campaigns.

From scratch to insights

Online Recruitment

150 Respondents

Via Webcam


Interactive Dashboard

24/48h delivery

Do you need crafted research with actionable insights?

You have the incredible opportunity to tailor the analysis precisely to your preferences. Imagine having access to deep-tailored respondents, extended content duration, custom surveys, and a special report with specific insights that can help you make informed decisions in no time.

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Report con indicazioni operative

You will be followed from day 1 to the end, offering you a customized experience based on the needs of your business.


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